(Act no. 37 of 1850)

Sections Particulars
1. Repealed »
2. Articles of charge to be drawn out for public inquiry into conduct of certain public servants »
3. Authorities to whom inquiry may be committed - Notice to accused »
4. Conduct of Government prosecution »
5. Charge by accuser to be written and verified- Penalty for false accusation- Institution of inquiry by Government »
6. Security from accuser left by Government to prosecute »
7. Power of Government to abandon prosecution and to allow accuser to continue it »
8. Powers of commissioners- Their protection. Service of their process- Powers of court etc., acting under commission »
9. Penalty for disobedience to process »
10. Copy of charge and list to be furnished to accused »
11. Procedure at beginning of inquiry-Non appearance of accused and admission of charge »
12. Prosecutor's right of address »
13. Evidence for prosecution and examination of witness - Re-examination by prosecutor »
14. Power to admit or call for new evidence or prosecution - Accused's right to adjournment »
15. Defence of accused- To be recorded only when written »
16. Evidence for defence and examination of witness »
17. Repealed »
18. Notes of oral evidence »
19. Inquiry when closed with defence - Prosecutor when entitled to reply and give evidence - Accused not entitled to adjournment »
20. Power to require amendment of charge and to adjourn- Reason for refusing adjournment to be recorded »
21. Report of commissioners proceedings »
22. Power to call for further evidence or explanation- inquiry into additional articles of charge - Reference of report of special commissioners' final orders »
23. Definition of "Government" »
24. Saving of enactments as to dismissal of certain officers- Commission under Act for their trial »
25. Saving of power of removal without inquiry under Act »