8. Treatment at residence. -

(1) If the authorised medical attendant is of opinion that owing to the absence or remoteness of a suitable hospital or to the severity of the illness a member of the Service cannot be given treatment as provided in sub-rule (1) of rule 7, he may receive treatment at his residence.

(2) Where a member of the Service is receiving treatment at his residence under sub-rule (1) he shall be entitled to receive towards the cost of the treatment incurred by him a sum equivalent to the cost of such treatment as he would have been entitled to receive free of charge, under these rules if he had not been treated at his residence.

(3) A claim for any amount admissible under sub-rule (2) shall be accompanied by a certificate in writing by the authorised medical attendant,

(a) his reasons for the opinion referred to in sub-rule (1);

(b) the amount of the cost of similar treatment referred to in sub-rule (2)

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