3. Medical Attendance by authorised medical attendant. -

(1) A member of the Service shall be entitled to free of charge to medical attendance by the authorised medical attendant.

(2) Where a member of the Service is entitled under sub-rule (1), free of charge to medical attendance, any amount paid by him on account of such medical attendance shall, on production of a certificate in writing by the authorised medical attendant in this behalf, be reimbursed to the member of the Service by the Government:

17Provided that the Government shall reject any claim if it is not satisfied with its genuineness on facts and circumstances of each case, after giving an opportunity to the claimant of being heard in the matter, while doing so, the Government shall communicate to him the reasons, in brief, rejecting the claim; and the claimant may submit an appeal to the Central Government within a period of forty-five days of the date of communication of the order rejecting this claim.

17. Substituted vide DP&AR No.11023/8/77-AIS(III) dated 14.05.1979 (GSR No. 713 dated 26.05.1979)

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