The All India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1968


(1) No member of the Service shall except with the previous sanction of the Government, receive any complimentary or valedictory address or accept any testimonial or attend any meeting or entertainment held in his honour or in the honour of any other Government Servant:

Provided that nothing in this rule shall apply to-

(i) a farewell entertainment of a substantially private and informal character held in honour of a member of the Service or any other Government servant on the occasion of his retirement or transfer or of any person who has recently quit service of Government; or

(ii) the acceptance of simple and inexpensive entertainments arranged by public bodies or institutions.

(2) No member of the Service shall exercise pressure of any sort or any Government servant to induce him to subscribe towards any farewell entertainment even, if it is of a substantially private and informal character.

Government of India Decisions »
(1) Invitations to declare buildings, etc. open, or to lay the foundation-stones of new buildings, or to allow bridges, road, buildings, parks or public institutions such as hospitals, schools or colleges be named after. [M.H.A. letter No. 6/79/57-AIS (II), dated 28th October, 1957 read with O.M. No. 25/24/57-Ests.(A) dated 16-9-1957] »