(1) ANNEXURE I - The scope and role of oral instructions in the transaction of Government business. [D.P. & A.R. letter No. 11017/21/80-AIS (III) dt. 5-5-89] »
(2) ANNEXURE II - References regarding requests of members of all India Services for Government's permission for joining correspondence courses, evening classes, language classes etc. [DP & AR O.M. No. 11017/44/77-AIS (III), dt. 29-12-77] »
(3) ANNEXURE III - Banning of organisations like the R.S.S., Jamat-e-Islami, Anand Marg and CPM(L) under the provisions of rule 33 of the Defence and Internal Security of India Rules, 1971. [DP & AR O.M. No. 11017/50/75-AIS (III), Dated 6th March, 1976] »
(4) ANNEXURE IV - Regarding association of Govt. servants with the activities of Anand Marg. [G.I., M.H.A. D.P. & A.R. letter No. 11017/68/81-AIS(III), dated 3rd March, 1982] »
(5) ANNEXURE V - Association with the raising of any funds or other collections in cash or kind or in pursuance of any object. [DP & AR letter No. 11017/80/82-AIS (III), dated 16-11-82] »
(6) ANNEXURE VI - Fixed deposits with companies and banks. [DP & AR letter No. F. 11017/24/81-AIS (III), dated 22-6-82] »
(7) ANNEXURE VII - Abiding by any law relating to intoxicating drinks or drugs in force in any area. [DP & AR letter No. 11017/1/76-AIS (III), dated the 5th February, 1976] »
(8) ANNEXURE VIII - Definition of Public place. [DP & AR letter No. 11017/66/76-AIS (III), dated 18th January, 1978] »
(9) ANNEXURE IX - Position regarding consumption of intoxicating drinks by Government servants. [DP & AR letter No. 11017/62/77-AIS (III), dated 9-1-1978] »
(10) ANNEXURE X - Observe scrupulously and abide by any law relating to intoxicating drinks or drugs. [D.O. letter No. 11017/23/84-AIS (III), dated the 31st May, 1984] »
(11) ANNEXURE XI - Visits abroad by Government servants to participate in international seminars etc. [G.I. DP&AR letter No. 11017/66/81-AIS (III), dated 23rd January, 1982] »
(12) ANNEXURE XII - Submission of immovable/movable and valuable property returns. [No. 11017/33/92-AIS (II) dated 7/7/92] »
(13) ANNEXURE XIII - Legal Assistance to All India Service Officers in connection with litigation action taken by them in the case of their official duties. [Letter No. 11017/40/94-AIS (III) dated 8.11.1994] »