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Baggage Rules

Gold - Tariff Value US $

Customs Duty on Gold

Duty payable on 10 grams Gold
Rs. 2811.00

Import Duty on Gold

Silver - Tariff Value US $

Customs Duty on Silver

Duty payable on 1 kilogram Silver
Rs. 3583.00

Import Duty on Silver

Indian Customs Holidays

< April 2016 >
H = Gazetted Holidays
R = Restricted Holidays

List of Holidays

D.A. Rates

Effective Dates DA Rates
01.01.2016 125%
01.07.2015 119%
01.01.2015 113%
01.07.2014 107%
01.01.2014 100%
01.07.2013 90%
01.01.2013 80%

Rates of Dearness Allowance

Rates of Interest on GPF

Effective Dates Interest Rates
01.04.2013 08.70%
01.04.2012 08.80%
01.04.2011 08.60%
01.04.2003 08.00%
01.04.2002 09.00%
01.04.2001 09.50%

Rates of Interest on GPF

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Referencer Library - Latest Documents - Customs

1.  Barium Carbonate - Review in the matter of continuation of anti-dumping duty on imports of Barium Carbonate falling under tariff item 2836 60 00, originating in or exported from People’s Republic of China, imposed vide notification No. 6/2011-Customs, dated the 7th February, 2011 [G.S.R. 69(E)].
[Notifications (ADD): F.No. 354/21/2010-TRU (Pt.-I); Dated 21.04.2016]
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2.  Exchange Rates - Superseds the notification No. 48/2016-CUSTOMS (N.T.), dated 07th April, 2016.
[Notifications (Non-Tariff): F.No. 468/01/2016-Cus.V; Dated 21.04.2016]
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3.  Appointment of Special Adjudicators - Show Cause Notices in the case of M/s Galaxy Medicare Ltd., Bhubaneshwar, DRI/AZU/INV- 16/GALAXY/ 2008 dated 24.09.2009; M/s Gujarat Fluoro Chemicals Ltd, Bharuch, DRI/AZU/INV-19/2009 dated 30.11.2009; M/s Ethan Sales and Services, New Delhi and others DRI/AZU/INV-40/2009 dated 07.01.2010 read with corrigendum dated 16.04.2010; M/s Sterling Generators Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, DRI/AZU/CI/ENQ-26(INT-14/2014)/2015 dated 30.03.2015; M/s Baroda Textile Effect Pvt. Ltd. Vadodara and another, DRI/AZU/INV-12/2013 dated 02.09.2015; M/s Mulji Devshi & Co., Mumbai and another DRI/AZU/CI/ENQ-15(INT-11/ 2014)/2015 dated 04.09.2015; M/s Khushi Enterprises, Hyderabad and another, DRI/AZU/GI-01/ENQ-8(INT-02)/ 2015 dated 15.09.2015; M/s Mansi Enterprise, Gandhinagar and another, DRI/AZU/GI-2/ENQ-70(INT-31/14)/2014 dated 29.10.2015; M/s Vibrant Steel Tradex Pvt. Ltd., Gandhidham and others, DRI/AZU/JRU/72/2013 dated 07.07.2014; M/s Upkar, International Pvt. Ltd, Rajkot and others, DRI/JRU-AZU/INQ-33/2013 dated 31.07.2014; M/s. Ravi Technoforge Pvt. Ltd, Rajkot and others, DRI/JRU(AZU)/INQ-31/2013 dated 03.09.2014; M/s Dipal Pvt. Marketing Ltd, Ahmedabad and others, DRI/JRU-AZU/INT-16/2014 dated 16.03.2015; M/s. Rajhans Impex Pvt. Ltd., Jamnagar and others, DRI/AZU/JRU-79/2013 dated 10.04.2015; M/s. Super Impex, Surat and others DRI/SRU/INV-1/2006 Pt. Super Impex dated 30.06.2006; M/s. Crayon Color Private Limited, Morbi and others, DRI/AZU/GRU-60/2013 (Crayon Color) dated 01.07.2014; M/s Tetrapak (India) Pvt. Ltd., Pune, DRI/AZU/INV-34/2013 dated 03.09.2014; M/s Mukand Ltd., Mumbai, DRI/AZU/INV-37/2013 dated 09.10.2014; M/s Lupin Ltd., Mumbai, DRI/AZU/INV-35/2013 dated 19.12.2014; M/s. JSW Steel Ltd., Mumbai. DRI/AZU/CI/ENQ-21(INT-06/2015)/2015 dated 09.04.2015; M/s. Jagson International Ltd., New Delhi and another DRI/JRU/INT-26/2014 dated 09.06.2015; M/s. MKY Eterprises Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi and others, DRI/AZU/INV- 16/2012-MKY (Past) dated 12.09.2014; M/s. S.V. Enterprises, Ahmedabad and others, F.NO. DRI/AZU/INV-40/2011 dated 14.11.2014; M/s. Dabhoiwala Suppliers, Vadodara and others, DRI/AZU/GI-02/ENQ-53 (INT-19/14)/2014 dated 26.11.2015; M/s Sumeet Industries Limited, Surat, DRI/AZU/INV-30/2013 dated 09.07.2014; M/s Ganesh Trading Co, Ahmedabad and Others, DRI/AZU/INV-23/2012 dated 22.6.2015; M/s Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd, Gandhinagar, DRI/AZU/INQ-58/2013 dtd 25.09.2013; M/s CEAT Ltd, Mumbai, DRI/AZU/INQ-68/2013 dated 03.10.2013; M/s PMC Projects (India) Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad and another, DRI/AZU/INQ-59/2013 dated 24.10.2013; M/s Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd, Kolkata, DRI/AZU/INV-40/2013 dated 16.12.2014; M/s Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Vadodara, DRI/AZU/INV-32/2013 dated 04.08.2014; M/s Gujarat Raffia Industries Ltd., Ahmedabad, DRI/AZU/INV-31/2013 dated 10.10.2014; M/s Bhilosa Industries Pvt. Ltd, Silvassa, DRI/AZU/CI/ENQ- 16(INT-06/2015)/2015 dated 23.03.2015; M/s GHCL Ltd, Ahmedabad, DRI/AZU/CI/ENQ- 20(INT-06/2015)/2015 dated 06.04.2015; M/s Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd., Gandhinagar, DRI/AZU/CI/ENQ- 18(INT-06/2015)/2015 dated 30.04.2015; M/s Nirma Limited, Ahemdabad, DRI/AZU/CI/ENQ- 17(INT-06/2015)/2015 dated 23.06.2015; M/s Tata Chemicals Ltd, Mumbai, DRI/AZU/CI/ENQ-31(INT-06/2015)/2015 dated 07.07.2015; M/s. MKY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. and others, DRI/AZU/INV- 16/2012-MKY (Seizure) dated 08.10.2012.
[Notifications (Non-Tariff): F.No. 437/17/2016-Cus.IV; Dated 13.04.2016]
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4.  Appointment of Special Adjudicators - Show Cause Notices in the case of M/s P. S. Exports, New Delhi and M/s Sumita Exports, Mumbai, S/IV/22/2013 dated 31.12.2014; M/s Sumita Exports, Mumbai S/IV/25/2013 dated 18.04.2013; M/s P.S. Exports, New Delhi, S/IV/22/2013 dated 18.04.2013; M/s Nimbus Stitch Tech, Bangalore, DRI/BZU/S-IV/ ENQ-27 (INT-35)/ 2014 dated 26.05.2015; M/s Maruthi Electrodes Private Limited, Bangalore S/IV/55/2012 dated 31.12.2014; M/s. VTX Industries Ltd., Coimbatore, F.No. VIII/26/04/2012-DRI CBE dated 01.01.2014; M/s. Star trading Corporation, Mumbai, VIII/48/20/2012-DRI-TTN dated 21.03.2014; M/s. Hewlett Packard India Sales (P) Ltd, Gurgaon, F.No. VIII/26/31/2015-DRI dated 10.07.2015; M/s. Arunkkumar Spinning Mills, Annur (TN), VIII/48/03/2014/DRI CBE dated 05.08.2015; M/s. Unique Marmochem Pvt. Ltd. and others VIII/48/01/2013-DRI dated 05.07.2013; M/s. Skyway Corporation, Jaipur and others, VIII/26/284, 285, 286, 287, 288 & 289/2011-DRI dated 25.11.2014; Shri Mohammed Mansoor, Chennai and others, DRI/CZU/VIII/48/E NQ-1/INT33/2014 dated 05.02.2015; Shri Jitendra Kumar Jain, Chennai and others, DRI/CZU/VIII/ENQ- 1/INT-39/2014 dated 27.02.2015; M/s.MSJ Trades Impex Limited, Chennai, F.No. VIII/48/01/2012- DRI-TTN dated 14.12.2013; M/s Sree Koppammal Cotton Spinning Mills Private Limited, Aruppukottai, DRI/CZU/TTN/48/02/INT-01/2015 dated 03.10.2015; M/s. Sree Rajendra Textiles, Bangalore and others, VIII/26/17/2010-DRI-TTN dated 17.06.2015; Shri Kamalesh Kumar Jain of M/s. Kumar Distributors, Chennai and others VIII/26/183/2013/DRI dated 28.02.2014; M/s. Nakshatra International Food, Chennai and others, VIII/48/24/2013-DRI dated 10.6.2014; M/s United Lumbers Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, F.No. VIII/26/278/2013-DRI F.No. VIII/48/47/2012- DRI dated 28.09.2015; M/s. Bhavani Diamond Tools, Ongole and others, F.No. DRI/HZU/26A/ENQ- 10(INT-NIL)/2014/ SCN dated 09.11.2015; M/s. Sansin Enterprises, Bangalore and others, VIII/48/(Enq-I)INT-23/2014 DRI CZU dated 20.12.2014; M/s. Synthesis Home Textiles Private Limited, Karur, F.No. VIII/26/05/2014 DRI-CBE dated 07.10.2015; M/s. Matrix, Chennai and others, F.No. VIII/48/18/2013- DRI-CZU F.No. VIII/26/219/2013-DRI-CZU dated 03.03.2014; M/s Mas Technologies, Calicut, VIII/26/13/2013- DRI-HRU (A-Cell) dated 16.06.2014; M/s Shree Laxmi Impex, Mumbai and others, VIII/26/10/2011-DRI VIC dated 07.08.2014; M/s Case New Holland Construction Equipment India Pvt. Ltd., Pithampur, M.P., VIII/8/26/18/2011 HRU dated 30.04.15; M/s Poweron Automations Pvt. Ltd., Chennai and another, F.No. DRI/HZU/26D/ENQ-8(INT-VRU- 01)/2015 dated 30.11.2015; M/s Enox Overseas (P) Ltd., Mumbai and another, VIII/26/16/2010-DRI-VIC dated 29.05.2014; M/s Seiger International, New Delhi and others, DRI/MZU/F/ENQ(INT) 100/2014 dated 30.12.2014; M/S Ravi Industrial Corporation, Ludhiana, M/s R.B. Industries, Ludhiana and others, VIII-CUS/ICD/Ldh/ADC/Adj/RIC/22/ 2015 dated 16.02.2015; VIII/6/ICD/PPG/SIIB/RI Corp & RB Indus./41/2015 dated 03.06.2015; S/12-Gen-misc- 269/2014-15DBK-NS-II dated 20.01.2015.
[Notifications (Non-Tariff): F.No. 437/15/2016-Cus.IV; Dated 13.04.2016]
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5.  Appointment of Special Adjudicators - Show Cause Notices in the case of M/s Sony India Pvt. Ltd., S/IV/32/2011 ACC, Chennai dated 12.04.2013; S/IV/32/2011 ACC, Kolkata dated 12.04.2013; S/IV/32/2011 Kolkata Sea dated 15.04.2013; S/IV/32/2011 ACC, Mumbai dated 12.04.2013; S/IV/32/2011 Chennai Sea dated 15.04.2013; S/IV/32/2011 SONY NDLS dated 15.04.2013; S/IV/32/2011 Nhava Sheva dated 12.04.2013; S/IV/32/2011 Dadri dated 12.04.2013; S/IV/32/2011 ACC Bangalore dated 15.04.2013; S/IV/32/2011 Kochi dated 15.04.2013; Ayub Khan Proprietor: Junaid Plaster of Paris, Bangalore, S/IV/60/2013 dated 17.06.2014 read with corrigendum/ addendum dated 01.07.2014; HEALTH CODE, No.3 & No.5, Thambuswamy Road, Kilpauk, Chennai- 600010 & Others (M/s. Health Impex, Chennai; Health Care Impex (India) Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore, VIII/26/205,206 & 208/2012-DRI dated 05.10.2013; Shri R. Mahaveer Pipada, Chennai & Others, VIII/48/6/2013-DRI dated 16.09.2013; M/s. Om International, Kolkata, VIII/26/282/2010-DRI dated 29.03.2014; Shri A. Kirishnamoorthy; Chennai & Others, VIII/48/16/2013-DRI-CZU dated 31.01.2014; M/s Liners India Limited, Vijayawada, VIII/26/02(ACC-Che)/2005-DRI-HRU dated 27.02.2006; M/s Jasmine Biotechnologies, Hyderabad, VIII/26/13/2010 DRI-HRU dated 31.10.2013; M/s Surya Lakshmi Cotton Mills Limited, Secunderabad & others, VIII/26/07/09 DRI-HRU Dated 26.03.2011.
[Notifications (Non-Tariff): F.No. 437/14/2016-Cus.IV; Dated 13.04.2016]
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Referencer Library - Latest Documents - Central Excise

1.  The CENVAT Credit (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2016.
[Notifications (Non-Tariff): F.No. 334/8/2016-TRU; Dated 13.04.2016]
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2.  Clarification regarding re-refined used or waste-oil.
[Board's Circulars: F.No. 96/43/2015-CX.1; Dated 11.04.2016]
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3.  Adjudication of Show Cause Notices issued on the basis of CERA/CRA objection.
[Board's Circulars: F.No. 206/02/2010-CX.6; Dated 08.04.2016]
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4.  Classification of Micronutrients, Multi-micronutrients, Plant Growth Regulators and Fertilizers.
[Board's Circulars: F.No. 106/03/2013-CX.3; Dated 06.04.2016]
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5.  The CENVAT Credit (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 2016.
[Notifications (Non-Tariff): F.No. 267/17/2016-CX.8; Dated 01.04.2016]
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Referencer Library - Latest Documents - Service Tax

1.  The Point of Taxation (Third Amendment) Rules, 2016.
[Notifications: F.No. 334/8/2016-TRU; Dated 13.04.2016]
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2.  The Service Tax (Determination of Value) Amendment Rules, 2016.
[Notifications: F.No. 334/8/2016-TRU; Dated 13.04.2016]
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3.  Further amends the notification No. 25/2012-Service Tax, dated the 20th June, 2012 [G.S.R. 467(E)].
[Notifications: F.No. 334/8/2016-TRU; Dated 13.04.2016]
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4.  Clarification on issues regarding levy of Service Tax on the services provided by Government or a local authority to business entities.
[Board's Circulars: F.No. 334/8/2016-TRU; Dated 13.04.2016]
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5.  Delhi High Court stay order in W.P. 2892/2016 filed by Mr. Kavin Gulati and W.P. 2891/2016 filed by M/s Delhi High Court Bar Association; Gujarat High Court Stay Order dated 20.03.2016 in SCA No. 4296/2016; Calcutta High Stay Order in W.P. No. 291/2016- Filing of Transfer Petition in Supreme Court and seeking vacation of stay against various High Court Orders staying the levy of Service Tax on legal services provided by Senior Advocates.
[Instructions: F.No. 276/91/2016-CX.8A; Dated 11.04.2016]
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Referencer Library - Latest Documents - Other Matters

1.  Assigning the additional charge of the post of Chief Commissioner of Vadodara Zone to Chief Commissioner of Central Excise, Ahmedabad.
[Promotions & Transfers: F.No. A.22011 /03/2016-Ad.II; Dated 13.04.2016]
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2.  Transfer/ posting in the grade of Assistant Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise.
[Promotions & Transfers: F.No. A-22013/02/2016-Ad.lI; Dated 13.04.2016]
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3.  Promotion of the officers of the Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Central Excise) in the grade of Deputy Commissioner (ad-hoc) to the grade of Joint Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise [in Pay Band-3 with Grade Pay of Rs. 7600/-] for the vacancy year 2016-17 on ad-hoc basis.
[Promotions & Transfers: F.No. A.32012/48/2015-Ad.II; Dated 08.04.2016]
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4.  Promotion of the officers of the Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Central Excise) to the grade of Deputy Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise [in Pay Band-3 with Grade Pay of Rs. 6600/-] for the vacancy year 2016-17 on ad-hoc basis.
[Promotions & Transfers: F.No. A.32012/47/2015-Ad.II; Dated 08.04.2016]
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5.  Transfers/ postings in the grades of Deputy/ Assistant Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise.
[Promotions & Transfers: F.No. A-22013/01/2016-Ad.II; Dated 07.04.2016]
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Referencer Library - Latest News - Newspaper Headlines



A month after they were seized at Mumbai's international airport, 146 tortoises of two critically endangered species -the Ploughshare Tortoise and the Radiated Tortoise -flew back to Madagascar via an Air Mauritius flight with the help of conservation organizations led by the Turtle Survival read more »

Rare tortoises to be flown to Madagascar.


More than three weeks after 146 endangered tortoises were rescued from a Nepalese flyer at the international airport, 131 of them are set to return to Madagascar on Monday. Fifteen of the tortoises died.

Director of Wildlife Crime Control Bureau M Maranko said the read more »

Mallya can't dictate manner of probe: ED


The enforcement directorate (ED) on Saturday argued for an “open dated non-bailable warrant” against liquor baron Vijay Mallya as it said that he has not bothered to appear before the agency despite three previous summons issued to him in the Rs 950-crore money laundering case. If the read more »

Referencer Library - Latest News - News on Corruption

15 `tainted' staff put on notice by excise board.


The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) has prepared a list of at least 15 officials, including a few who hold the rank of commissioner, to be dismissed from service following vigilance probes and pending CBI investigations against them.

The 15 are in read more »

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